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30-Second neck stretch to start/end your day

It's no secret that life is busy, sometimes hectic. There are deadlines to meet, kids activity schedules, vacation planning, and lets face it, the to-do list goes on and on. We start the week feeling great after a restful weekend and by the end of the week, our stress level is at all-time high, neck and shoulders are tight from carrying tension in those area of the body.

Although, sometimes, it feels that there is not much time within the day to incorporate yet another routine, this particular routine is quick and effective. It is also tested and tried by many.

The routine: Find a quiet area where you can successfully complete these exercises. In this post, I am using GRNXCAPE Purple Iris Mat towel which interestingly enough also doubles as a beach towel (for those individuals who enjoys beaching). I find that my legs can be tight at times, so rather than sitting directly on the towel, I use the GRNXCAPE foam block - a close alternative to the one I'm using is the Pink-peach foam block (currently sold out but will be restocked soon). Lastly, watch the full video and follow the steps in loosening those neck muscles.

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